Silly Yet Challenging Physics Adventure

Simple Controls, Challenging Obstacles.

Take control of the Wobble Frog, a strange Toy "Frog", and adventure through an endless stream of challenging levels. 

The controls will seem difficult at first, but stick with it, ask Professor Bubbles a question or two, and you'll be wobbling in no time!

Trailer #1 "The Climb"

The new mobile physics game from the creator of "JellyCar", and lead designer of "Where's My Water?" *** Available in the App Store and Google Play July 12, 2018.



Trailer #2 "Let's Play"

Popular Let's Play personality Wobble reviews a game that apparently was inspired by him/her directly: "Wobble Frog Adventures". But seriously, this is a real mobile game. You can actually play it. It's not just like a skit or anything. Check it out.

Trailer #3 "Clickbait"

Number 6 is a GAME CHANGER. Most people remember Wobble Frog, the popular toy and franchise from the early 90's, but here are 6 things you definitely DON'T KNOW about Wobble Frog. "Wobble Frog Adventures" is a new mobile game!