New Gymnastics game devlog #4

Good progress lately. I now have a “stun” / “K.O.” system implemented now. It’s pretty simple: if you get hard enough in the head, your gymnast will “K.O.”, losing their strength and releasing any bar they are gripping, requiring a level restart.

If you hit an object hard (but not hard enough for a K.O., or with a body part other than your head), you can be temporarily “stunned”. This briefly reduces strength to the joints, causing the gymnast to react more realistically to a strong impact.

The entire system is quite flexible, including thresholds for a small stun to large stun, duration of stun, curves for describing how the strength is lost and regained in the joints, etc. Each boy part even has a multiplier on how hard a hit is required to cause a “stun”. Torso, Pelvis, etc are sensitive, with arms and legs being less so (you have to hit them harder to cause a stun). hands and feet are basically invincible.


I’ve also made many small improvements to the bar release/re-grab logic, as well as various features in the level editor, such as undo and redo. Overall it’s coming along nicely!

Here’s a fun little test level I made today while play-testing the new fixes:

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