New Gymnastics game devlog #2

Lately I've been doing a lot of the invisible work, things like code to create player profiles, save their results when they complete a level, put a list of levels into a sequence and allow access to them based on progress, etc.  And of course making simple placeholder menus that allow all of this to actually be used in-game.  The good news is that this means I should have a playable build pretty soon that I can open up to testers to gather feedback as I develop the game.

One more visible thing I worked on today was the start of the scoring system.  It can now basically track when you're doing a trick, and rewards increasing amounts of points for both flipping (rotation), and airtime

Next I need to make a combo system that rewards chaining tricks together.

After that, add a "K.O." system to detect when you biff, and then on to adding some more object types into the game, and make some more test levels!