One More Flip on pause, new Gymnast game in the works

Welp, as you might have guessed from the lack of posts or tweets lately on "One More Flip", I've not made much progress on the game.  The reason isn't a lack of motivation however... it's sort of worse!

I had some really promising physics at the beginning of the project, and I was so excited I sort of charged into working on all aspects of the game in earnest (art, menu screens, replay system, character customization, etc).  All the while I was pushing the core physics system forward, a little bit at a time.

Recently I tried to put together a build that I could send to testers.  This meant trying to make some "real" tricks in the game and package them up into a sequence that made sense.  I started running into lots of trouble getting the tricks to play how I'd like.

The biggest problem has been twisting tricks.  One of the main reasons I chose a simplified two-button control scheme for One More Flip was so that I could have really interesting, realistic, and complex flips be possible (including twisting).  This wasn't possible for example in Gymnast (my older freeware game) because the controls were very detailed and direct, but therefore really only allowed for 2D gameplay.

Anyway, twisting tricks are simply not working in One More Flip.  I've tried a lot of things, and my current hypothesis is that the physics engine in Unity just isn't really designed for the amount of accuracy that the game design is requiring of it.

This leaves me at a crossroads for One More Flip.  I can simplify the game to remove the types of tricks that can't be simulated well, or I can keep trying to find a solution.  I've decided to do the latter.  In particular, I want to try out some other physics engines and see if I can resolve the problem by finding one that simulates angular conservation of momentum for complex objects (like a human body!) a bit better.

However, that's going to take some time, as integrating different physics engines into Unity is no simple task.

As a result, I've decided to focus in the meantime on a new project, sort of a modern re-imagining of my old game "Gymnast".  The exciting thing is that I have a very clear idea of how this game should work, and I'm confident I won't run into the same physics problems (considering the gameplay will essentially be 2D).

I've got the project started, and progress is great so far!  So it's looking like my next game release will still be a gymnastics-themed game, just not "One More Flip", which I hope to continue to work on slowly, at a lower priority.

Here's some recent videos from the new Gymnastics game.  I'll post more details on the game soon.