Wobble Frog Adventures is available now!

Well, my first release as "Walaber Entertainment" is now available on the App Store and Google Play: "Wobble Frog Adventures".  It's a good feeling to release a game, and always a proud, yet humbling experience.

Making a final "official trailer" for the game (that's a bit more gameplay-focused than the other silly trailers I made and posted about before) was how I spent the final days before release:

The new mobile physics game from the creator of "JellyCar", and lead designer of "Where's My Water?" *** Available in the App Store and Google Play July 12, 2018.

Currently I'm working on an update that should address some of the concerns people have expressed with the first level / tutorial of the game being confusing and off-putting.  I hope to have that update submitted to the various app stores very soon.

Depending on the response to the game I also have some ideas for updates, mostly adding some new frog "parts" inspired by other animals, and or course more obstacles and level pieces.

Overall, however, I'm also excited to get back to making good progress on an acrobatic/gymnastics themed game next.

Wobble Frog Adventures:

App Store Link

Google Play Link