Wobble Frog Adventures

Introducing the other game I've been working on (and it's almost done!), called "Wobble Frog Adventures".  What's a "Wobble Frog", you ask?  Well... they look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.38.31 PM.png


This is a pure-physics based "platforming" game, with a simple, and unique control scheme: two sliders that directly control the angle of the 2 joints on the "frog".  They stay where you leave them (they don't snap back to "center" like a joystick or radio controlled car stick), and also "snap" to position when you tap anywhere along the slider -- you don't have to only drag the handle.  this creates a surprisingly expressive control scheme that allows a very simple physics toy to do a variety of surprising movement methods and techniques.



The game is very simple, with a focus on discovering how to maneuver the environment.  You can also earn coins to order new "parts" that let you customize your "frog" with different animal-inspired parts, materials, and paint schemes:


Wobble Frog Adventures should be done soon, and will be released for free (with ads and 1 in-app-purchase to remove ads) on iOS and Android.

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