Added "Games" Page

I've finally added a "Games" page to this site, with super simple pages for the 2 games I have in-development at the moment.  If you've been here before you probably know about "One More Flip", my physics-simulation-with-simple-controls acrobatics simulator game.  The new game I haven't talked about much is "Wobble Frog Adventures", a challenging mobile physics platform game where you control a 2-jointed "frog" wooden toy on an adventure through a strange world of contraptions and challenges.

Both games are due to release in 2018, with Wobble Frog coming first, and One More Flip second.

Wobble Frog is slated for mobile platforms, and One More Flip for PC/Mac.

As usual, please sign up for my mailing list if you'd like to be notified when the game(s) release. And of course follow me on twitter and/or instagram for more frequent development updates.