Progress Has Been... Uneven

Long time no blog post!  Progress continues on "One More Flip", but has been somewhat interrupted by a smaller side project that I'm finishing up and releasing soon.  I had found that my motivation on One More Flip had been waning around the holidays, and decided to pursue a "tiny" project to rejuvenate myself.  That project took a bit longer to finish than I expected, but it's nearly done, and I'm excited to return to One More Flip now in earnest.  

I'll post about the other project soon, but in the meantime here are some clips of Uneven Bars, which I've added to One More Flip recently, focusing on the variety of amazing release moves that are possible on the apparatus.  Here are a few:

Obviously the one above is not a real release move, if it was I'd have to assume it would be called the "Ankle Breaker"...


I really like making these comparison videos between the game and real athletes, I'll probably start making more of these as a way to show off the realism of the game.

One More Flip is still shaping up for a 2018 release.