Details, Details

Work continues on "One More Flip" at a pretty good pace.  Lately I've been fixing a lot of invisible issues and bugs, and working on a variety of detail work.  For example, making better wires and rigging for the various equipment in the game.  Here's a look at a cable supporting the horizontal bar:

Here's another example, this time of work on the trapeze net- finally not just a 1-sided flat cloth, it's now made up of twine and rubber bands, and bends and flexes pretty realistically:


Another example is the feedback when you land a trick.  The game takes 3 "snapshots" of your position after touching the ground, and if (in this case) 1 of them are "OK", you landed the trick!  You must land the trick twice in a row to consider it "mastered". Hopefully the green clay ball communicates this pretty well, and is an example of the thought that goes into communicating game logic to players in a way that's easy to understand, and also evokes the theme of the game (clay / stop-motion animation).

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