Instant Replay

I've noticed that a lot of my games seem to end up with some kind of feature to record gameplay and then play it back again.  "Gymnast" had a very robust version of this, and even something like JellyCar 3 recorded your runs in order to have "ghosts" you could race/compete against.  "One More Flip" is going the route of "Gymnast", allowing players to record their gameplay, save it, watch it later from different camera angles, etc.

So far I've got the basic code working to record what happens when attempting a trick, play that back, save it to disk, and load it again.  I'm also working on the UI for the viewing experience in-game.... although this process was not without some entertaining bugs:

Here it is looking a bit better :)

Eventually I hope to have an in-game "export to GIF" feature, perhaps with Twitter integration to tweet replays directly from the game, a-la Fantastic Contraption VR, a feature I loved and wish more games had!

In other news, amazing character artist Calin has delivered a female base model which I'll be integrating into the game soon, here is a sneak peek:



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