Giving "Raggie" a skeleton

Lately I have been working on a variety of tasks to get an initial playtest-worthy build together of "One More Flip".  The biggest task for this is making my first attempt at a tutorial for the game.  Although I plan a sequence of levels that slowly teach you the game, I think the controls require a bit more explicit instruction, and so a tutorial is necessary!

My first idea involved explaining to the player that Raggie is a physically simulated character (not just some animations), and also that the player provides the timing for Raggie to move through the various poses required to do a given trick.  In order to communicate this, I realized that Raggie needed a skeleton.

So I spent way too much time modeling up a skeleton :)


... and testing it in-game.


All of this is in service of the following moment in the tutorial, where I communicate that Raggie has a skeleton (and muscles), but is lacking in the BRAIN department-- hence the need for the player!


I'm getting very close to a playable build, and I'm looking forward to doing some testing with friends and family to iterate further on the game, and the tutorial. 

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