Getting a proper build together

Continuing progress on "One More Flip".  My focus right now is mostly getting the entire game connected together and playable as a stand-alone experience.  For example right now I have to change a setting each time I want to test out a different trick and then run the game.

It's about time to start getting feedback from players, so I need a build I can just hand to people and watch them play and take notes about what's confusing, etc.

I am close, I already have code for creating a character, and a basic screen for sequencing out tricks and unlocking them as you progress (including annoying player data save/load routines).  

Mostly what's missing now is some kind of basic tutorial, and a full set of tricks laid out in a sequence, and fixing any bugs with the logic to flow between all the screens in the game.  Lately I've been working on a few simple scenes that I intend to use as tutorials, to teach players the controls to the game:


Here is another video, this time of working on the pose sequence for a "back handspring", which turned out better than I thought, although the timing makes the trick harder than I had anticipated.

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