Character Customization & Landing Mats

Lots of good progress on "One More Flip" in various areas lately.  I've continued integrating the player model into the game, including stubbing out the player customization screen, which is looking pretty nice:

I've also spent some (perhaps too much) time making the landing mats in the game behave just like I want them to.  They are a pretty detailed physics model to simulate a mat that can compress, return its shape, and also deform in a realistic way. 

The mat is basically several rigid boxes connected together in 2 layers (like an ice-cream sandwich), with springs in-between to push it out to it's target thickness.  The pieces don't collide with each other so they can overlap and give good collision response to the player who lands on it.  Also since the visual design is now "clay", I need to generate a dynamic mesh for the mat that is beveled (rounded corners) to look more like it's a piece of clay.  This was one of the more tricky/tedious custom mesh routines I've ever written, but I'm very happy with the results.  It still needs UV coordinates and some clay texture/normal maps, but that will be relatively easy to add.



I've also done a lot of invisible work on screen flows, preparing the game for localization, adding support for difficulty modes, etc.  

Hopefully the next post will be about getting a proper environment model into the game, and it will start looking like a complete game :)