One More Flip!

Lots of progress on the game lately.  I'm leaning toward calling the game "One More Flip", and have started working with an amazing artist named Calin to start creating artwork for the game.  We're currently pursuing a "clay figure" look for the game- since the game physics are truly 3D, a very "physical" look to the game seems to make sense, and clay figures and environments should look bright and appealing as well:


Here are some shots from Calin of the first test character model:

Inspired by the new "clay" visual theme, I also created a mock up of a potential logo for the game:

After getting the character model I've been in the process of rigging it up and integrating it into the game to see how it will work, etc. 

The vision is for the player to have choices of many body shapes, skin tones, head shapes, hair styles, etc so that they can customize the character to their liking.  The environments will also look like they are made out of clay eventually as well.  Here is a first video of the character integrated into the game.  Still some visible rigging issues, but it's starting to look pretty good!

As usual, follow me on twitter where I post progress every few days, and if you'd like to be notified when the game is available feel free to sign up for the mailing list: