Flips, flips, and more flips! [First new game]

I'm happy to announce that I'm working on my first commercial game as Walaber Entertainment!  It's still very early days, but development is going along well.  The game is basically about doing flips!  Flips, flips, flips!  Across a variety of settings: trapeze, gymnastics, diving, aerial skiing, etc.

I'm currently working on the core physics system and some of the gameplay features, I don't have any pretty graphics yet.  You can follow my progress every week on Twitter where I'm constantly posting short videos and behind-the-scenes stuff.

I don't have a title for the game just yet, nor do I have an expected release date... It'll come out when it's done!  If you don't want to miss being notified when it comes out, please sign up for my mailing list!  I only mail people when products are released or have major updates.

Here are some videos of the work-in-progress: