Being Social

I'm hoping that people will find that what happens in the game makes them laugh, makes them proud, makes them think "WTF"... and so I want people to be able to easily share things that happen.  So I've been working on the instant replay system which records your attempt at a trick, and then lets you play it back with lots of controls.  

I've now also added built-in animated GIF export to the game.  Here's a video of it in action.  you hit the "export" button, then select the export range (essentially trimming the clip), and then hit save.  It renders out the frames, and saves a GIF to a folder on the desktop.  easy!  I'll eventually add support for posting your GIFs straight to social media as well.

In other recent news, I captured a video of a real-life "layout" on trapeze (that's me, the real "Walaber" BTW), and compared it to the same trick in-game.  Pretty dang close, right?!?